VA2G Campionessa for NI Kontakt

Right hand (treble) buttoned accordion

$149   $99

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  • New VA2G engine, completely different from previous versions
  • Right hand (treble), 43 buttons with 12 original registers
  • Four voices, famous sound
  • Two reeds in cassotto, two reeds out of (2+2)
  • Very modern and intuitive user interface
  • Natural tone mix by total amount of air flow algorithm
  • Tone timbre morphing using dynamics (expression)
  • Button press, release and register switch noises
  • Bellows noise while any tone is played
  • Expression, Velocity, Punch and Timbre limitation
  • Compatible with all accordion MIDI systems
  • Overall tone timbre depends on many parameters
  • Reverb and Delay Effects
  • 20 User preset option
  • Number of button rows and button system adjuctable
  • Edited tones - very mix friendly
  • Loads only as instrument, not as library
  • 44.1 KHz / 24-bit / 261 MB *
  • Vintage Guerrini Champion Balkan model (Patalovka) **

Size of uncompressed instrument. The size may vary depending on the file system.

** Guerrini is a trademark of Guerrini Accordions, Ancona, Italy

  • Native Instruments Kontakt 6.2.2 or above (full version)
  • Free Kontakt Player is not supported!
  • Low latency sound card 
  • 1GB free dard drive space for the samples
  • Any computer configuration that smoothly runs Kontakt 6.2.2
  • MIDI controller
  • Expression pedal/controller (recommended)

VA2G Campionessa - Csárdás:

VA2G Presidentessa, Campionessa & Bassista - Katysha

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